Last Update: 01/24/2021

The work listed below is segmented by currently owned businesses and NPC run. To own a shop you must apply, however, inworld anyone may simply walk in and work for the store or faction. No app required. To learn about a business, you may click their signs inworld as well as submit notecards to their mailboxes for the owners.

Only business owners pay tax to the Crown.

Note: These positions are purely IC, they do not make you a member of staff. Applications for owned businesses are given priority to players in good standing and are regulars on the sim. Upon approval, you will be given a Storyteller tag. This allows you to post notices, host mini-events without staff approval, and even temporarily rezz items. 

It is not necessary, but to assume employment in an area where an application is not needed, just click “Work” under the “Characters” tab on the HUD!

Currently Filled:

The Circle Head Master – See Factions!
Character: Ember Meeale Enry / Account: NPC

Knight Commander – See Factions!
Character: Inferna / Account: Hythinker

Please Apply

Guards, Rangers, & Knights – See Factions! Always Open!
Character: Inferna / Account: Hythinker

Minister of Commerce – See Factions!
Character: Adro Mornan / Account: NPC 

Healer Hall President – See Factions!
Character: Norkan Enjyre / Account: NPC

Children’s Home Headmaster
Character: Agdara Millar / Account: NPC

Blacksmith Owner
Character: Kichona Shion / Account: NPC

Tailor Owner
Character: Enrye Jalak / Account: NPC

The Rainy Hearth Tavern Owner
Character: Zephyr / Account: Shionkistrune

Bathhouse Hot Springs Owner
Character: Adro Mornan / Account: NPC

Head Librarian
Character: Ulara Mornan / Account: NPC

Bakery Owner
Character: Ichi Mornan / Account: NPC

Farm Owner
Character: Nuva Elkari / Account NPC

Employment Application