The factions and guilds in Astrium are purely player run and made. 

Applications for faction leads are given priority to players in good standing and are regulars on the sim. You may apply to run a faction or guild through the faction request form. Please keep in mind all faction bases if made are public spaces unless otherwise deemed by an admin. A rebellion base, for example, will be closed to the public but anyone may RP breaking in. A mage school is a public space.

How to get your name out there? Post on the discord, send in world notices, recruit players through RP and using the tavern message board… there are many ways to build up your guild or faction! You do not need to be officially endorsed in order to exist. Those that apply that meet the criteria will be posted here. You need a minimum of five active players to be listed.

Arcana Academia:

A school of magic! Come, be a part of the new generation of mages and druids and learn from the best. Are you a teacher or a student of the arts? Classes take place in the library or at the magical arena! To apply, contact the Headmaster.

Headmaster – Character: Princess Ember Avedon-Manimbo / Account: Ember Manimbo

Guards, Rangers, & Knights:

​Defend the realm from those who would seek to destroy it. Become a hero, or usurp from within. Even the younglings can join this faction as a trainee or squire! To apply, contact the Knight Commander. 

Baroness Knight Commander: Character: Inferna / Account: Hythinker

Healers Guild:

Are you the sort to take care of others? To find a fascination with the art of healing? Then this is for you. To join the healers you need not apply, only find it under the “Work” tab of your HUD.

Healer Hall President – Character: Norkan Enjyre / Account: NPC

Merchant’s Guild:

Get rich with the merchants! Line your pockets and help the kingdom flourish. To join the Merchant Guild you need not apply, only find it under the “Work” tab of your HUD.

Minister of Commerce – Character: Adro Mornan / Account: NPC