Thalovir City

Thalovir City

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Pronunciation: Th-Ah-Lo-Veer

Thalovir is of the Kingdom of Cailean.

The Year 8096:

The war between the kingdom of Eilienaxa and the unseelie half-fae goddess was coming to a head nearing winter. At the voiced concerns from the citizens, the two princesses concocted a plan in secret. Princess Ember Avedon and Princess Katherine Ithildin met, and employed Ukyo Ashdene to set on an expedition. It was only with the help of these brave souls that they managed to find new land within Astrium to relocate the refugees of the war. 

Their efforts were not in vain, for they found old ruins of an abandoned village within the range of the kingdom. This was the barebones for the new city. This city would be built under the banner of Eilienaxa, another under the kingdom, but ruled side by side with the two princesses. 

As they built, they came across someone interesting. A female elf named Trelli Edenflower. It was she who gave them the name for the new lands. Thalovir.

The Year 8097:

The winter was cruel and harsh. Nothing would grow. Many starved to death. It was only with the citizen’s help that they barely survived. The local dryad made things difficult, as she had seen the land abused before and did not approve. Eventually, they won her over and managed to make just enough crops to barely escape total destruction. They had wondered why the settlement had been abandoned despite the valuable resources, now they knew. 

Katherine Ithildin was crowned Tari as there were no other heirs and the queen was gone. Ember abdicated her claim to the throne. There was no celebration as she considered it a somber affair. Though officially only she ruled, she took Ember very seriously and considered her cousin an equal.

It feels to them that they ran from one war, only to be caught in the middle of another. Through much effort, they gained the blessings of the local dryad, only to earn the wrath of wraiths. From much work and late nights in the library, they determined there had been settlers before them. Murdered by the dryad for their dishonest misuse of the lands the settlers turned to wraiths and seek revenge.

Just as they thought they might be able to rescue the child dryad and stop the chaos of the wraiths, someone appeared to give them dire news. Shayra Keytris arrived to inform the citizens she was now a princess as her father had taken over the kingdom whilst they were busy fighting for their lives. In an unfortunate twist of events, the princess was killed as she violated the Charter of Rights and attempted to execute a baroness with no legal backing. The baroness by the name of Inferna fled Thalovir to contact the other barons and counts, hoping to rally against the king and proclaim Kit’s right to rule.

When she returned, a trial ensued. The baroness was released as it was found she had the right to self-defense by the Charter of Rights. Unfortunately, this did not help. Soon the former princess Katherine and Ember were under siege. Duchess Ember has been taken to be wed to the crown prince under threat of her family members’ deaths. The plan to kill Katherine was foiled as citizens rallied to her side and she escaped. Now, a rebellion unfolds. From here, our story continues.

Areas of Note

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was built upon arrival in Thalovir. It is an ode to the Sanctuary of Eilienaxa which was lost when Eilienaxa was closed off. Built by both druids and the priestesses of Moonbow, the place emits an aura of peace and serenity. Tucked away in a corner is an alter to the local dryad who acts as the land’s guardian. Nearby, one might find the contraption an artificer and a mage built together. 

The Library

This library is an ancient place. It was here long before the new residents had arrived. Unfortunately, the place had few books left as most were lost to time. Now the Steward tends to the library, caring for it as well as keeping records for the kingdom. If one needs parchment or writing materials, they come to him. Should someone write any stories, they can submit their own and browse the shelves. ((The bookshelves are clickable and players may submit their own stories to the staff to add.)) Here, you can find a portal some mages left behind for others to use.

The Hot Springs

Doubling as a bathhouse and massage parlour, the hot springs are our only adult only area. The place existed before the current timeline. With astounding beauty and a unique look, it truly is worthwhile to see.

The Grotto

​When the dryad fought her war against the wraiths, she changed the land. With it, a grotto opened up for all to enjoy. Magic spilled forth, causing a rainbow effect. Despite the violence that created the place, it is filled with serenity and a wonderful sight.

The Wraith Caverns

The wraith caverns were once a dwarven settlement. After the wraiths took over, they settled here. Eventually, they were wiped out by the citizens of Thalovir. Some say, you can still hear the echoes of the dead.