The Cailean Kingdom

The Kingdom of Cailean

The Cailean Crest

Pronunciation: Kay-Lee-Ann
Cailean is a kingdom located within the continent and plane known as Astrium. The mists of fate surround the continent. As far as anyone is aware, there is nothing beyond the mists as no one has been able to pass through without entering a portal to another realm.

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The Monarchy

​The Kingdom of Cailean is neither a matriarchal, nor a patriarchal society. Spouses are not considered of the line. Only directly elven adopted and biological children. Siblings who do not take succession are called Princes and Princesses, but may only accept the throne should the eldest child not be viable. The ruling Sovereign must step down after one thousand years or if the people should so desire it.

The Keytris family overthrew the Avedons / Ithildins in 8097. In 8098 the Ithildins reclaimed their throne.​

To see the monarchy lineage, please see the Royal Family Tree.

The Crown:
Character: Queen Katherine Ithildin / Account: NiteTrix
Character: Crown Princess Alethia Ithildin ((Eldest. Heir.)) / Account: Akaelai

Ineligible Noted:
Character: Princess Embrulynne Avedon-Manimbo / Account: Ember Manimbo​

Common Knowledge:

  • Queen Katherine is a known half-drow.
  • Princess Alethia has not been seen since 8096
  • Princess Embrulynne was missing until 8096
Local Nobility / Council

Nobles may influence the Crown and rule the given land to them. The titles extend to families only of immediate marriage and children. Visiting nobility from other kingdoms are treated well but hold no power. If a player is on this list, it is because they have earned the position in character through service. There is no way to buy or gain nobility status otherwise.

Only one member of each noble family may sit on the Council. The Council may convene to vote on important matters, hold court and trial, and may choose to change laws. Though the Crown has the final say on all matters, the Council holds great sway.

To see the nobles and imports / exports, please see the map.

Duke / Duchess: Are given a similar role to Counts. They have a claim to the throne should the Royal family perish or abdicate. This role is mostly to appease fallen royal family ties.

Count(ess): Rule a particular city and surrounding land on behalf of the Crown. They may change laws and alter things within reason of power so long as they do not break Crown laws. Only Counts and Dukes may be among the Council.

Baron(ess): Have large estates and powerful businesses or industries. This may include a small village centered on a keep by the same name.

Sir / Dame: The knights of the kingdom and lesser nobility. These people are given small fiefs to manage or other positions of power for their service. Fiefs are not listed below.

The Knights

​Knights, given titles by the Tari, in return for their oath of loyalty and service and highly skilled. Frequently, but not universally highborn. Split into two ranks once fully trained. Obeyed above guards.

Knight Commander: Runs the organization, generally only taking part in higher-significance fights, and chief strategist. Commander of the Guards, as well as the Knights.

Knight Captain: Similar to the Guard Sergeants, is a duly appointed knight posted to a command role among the knights and reports directly to the Knight Commander. During major attacks, Knight Captains disperse to organize squadrons of knights and may commandeer nearby guards and guard sergeants during emergencies. Given to knights who prove themselves both in tactical merit, as well as personal skill.

Royal Knight: Serves in a command role, on or off the field of battle, generally better armed and armored than the average guard. May command the service of guards. Likely to have received significantly more training than average.

Knight Squire: Squires hold no authority.

Each rank has a different crystal on their shields and badge. All are required to carry them.

Knight Squire- White
Knight – Gold
Knight Captain – Ruby

Knight Commander- Personal Seal

The Guards

The guards are the first line of enforcing the law. However, they are not all-powerful. They are to be obeyed, though if someone feels they are wrongfully treated they may appeal.  Non-noble or otherwise not knighted, and make up the bulk of the forces. All report to the Knight Commander. 

Guard Sergeant: A more experienced, but non-titled guard trusted to lead small contingents of less experienced guards. Not titled, but respected. 

Royal Guard: Conscripted, non-titled fighters, trained to a passable level, Armor is generally cheap, but effective linen gambeson covered by a layer of chainmail. Very standardized, and an ideal option for NPC. Ideally organized into groups of a Sergeant or knight leading several guards.

Guard Trainee: Trainees hold no authority.

Each rank has a different crystal on their shields and badge. All are required to carry them.

Guard Trainee – Blue
Guard Sergeant – Emerald
Guard Captain – Violet