Youth Characters

Youth Characters Conduct

Astrium fully welcomes and encourages youth players!
The following rules apply to NPCs as well.

  1. No youth may be around sexual content or nudity. No exceptions. Likewise, people aren’t supposed to be having random sex in the street or where youth might be around. Youth must remain clothed at all times. Adults, do not change clothes near a youth. Sex and nudity are only permitted in the bathhouse, brothel, privately rented tavern rooms, and private homes. We ask that ERP is kept to IMs or a private channel.
  2. Off-limits areas for youth include bathhouses and brothels. This includes anywhere that sexual content or nudity is taking place.
  3. Young characters are not permitted on adult furniture even in privately rented homes. If a youth avatar is seen using sex/adult animated items they will be banned, as well as any adults who consented to the child’s presence.
  4. Young characters must have an “Astrium Youth” tag at all times. Using the HUD, please click the main large button, then “Characters” then “Youth” to toggle the Youth tag.
  5. Pregnancy is sped up. To keep things consistent… 1 week in SL = 4 weeks in RL.
  6. Youth become 18 at the racial equivalent. If your character’s race matures at 3 years old, they jump to 18.
  7. Youth are not forced to age up. Take as long or as short as you like to be a youth. However, as Astrium is moving forward in real-time you must have an in-character reason for why your character is aging slower or faster.
  8. Respect preferences. If someone isn’t comfortable RPing with youth, or comfortable with OOC ‘toddler’ speak, please respect their preferences. There will always be someone able or willing to RP with you and chat OOCly, including the sim owners.
  9. The OOC chat and discord are 18+ though we do not allow explicit sexual content.
  10. Act your species and age. A toddler won’t be speaking like an adult. A drow won’t be as flighty as a fae.

Youth combat

  1. Hypnosis and magic involving sex or romance towards minors are prohibited. Minors are automatically immune due to ToS.
  2. Youth four years old and younger, or the racial equivalent of, may not engage in any form of combat or violence. They are not to engage in such scenes. To bait or use this rule to circumvent consequences is not permitted. Adults attempting to bait is not permitted either.
  3. Older youths are not prevented from combat and are not invincible. You won’t be able to get away with everything. On the other hand, excessive torture involving children… just don’t. Everyone else is fair game! You also won’t be as skilled as an adult. Play combat realistically. This is a dark RP sim. Combat will happen!

Please check the following links regarding LL’s ToS towards Child Avatars: